“Great Orators make Great Speeches,
Great Speeches don’t make Great Orators”

Goodluck Henry Emeka

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Whichever your answer is, now or later, thank you for being here.

This is the Orators’ Hub, as you may have already known. Here, I aim at improving individuals (perhaps you inclusive) with little or zero persuasive skills to highly persuasive individuals.

Persuasive skill is one of the most important skills needed to excel in life. And shockingly, it’s one of the most ignored and underestimated skill set.

Now, listen up and fact check this;
The most successful people in life are persuaders; people who took the time to improve their ability to persuade.

You need to be persuasive to excel in life. You can’t get that idea or vision out, if you can’t persuade others to buy into it.

Yes you do, cause you are smart.

Meet Me

My name is Emeka Ewele and I love to persuade. As a matter of fact, I think if there is such thing as talent, mine would lay in my ability to persuade.

As a child, I grew up under the influence of highly skilled persuaders. And ever since, I have nurtured ambition to be one. This led me to the study and practice of the art of persuasion.
Today, I could say that the ability to persuade runs in my blood.

I have learnt so much so far. And secured jobs, gotten quick promotions and massive supports towards the actualisation of my dreams. All on the back of my ability to persuade.

I feel lucky but luck has little to do with this. The ability to persuade is a skillset and everybody can acquire it.

If I can, Yes You Can.

What’s in for You

Well, everything is in for you at Orators’ Hub. With every article, every tool and resources herein, the drive is to help you improve your persuasive skills overtime.


Get practical Tips and Tricks you need to apply in other to boost specifics of your persuasive skills.


Looking for a straightforward and practical step-by-step guide towards achieving a specific art of persuasion. This is where you need to be.


Here, I go deep with the articles and provoke thoughts deep inside your mind. Thoughts that will eventually transform your understanding of persuasion and overall your persuasive skills.

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