How can I improve my oratory skills? Practical Tips

Outstanding oratory skills will transform your life drastically, and I have absolutely no doubt about it. Do you think so too? I guess you do. Good! So let’s talk about why you came to my little corner of the internet. I want to presume you are here because you want to improve your oratory skills. […]

Top African Public Speakers You Should Know About

Top African Public Speakers You Should Know About

Africa don’t have a shortage of powerful voices, indeed they are enriched and endowed all-round. Blessed with so many great public speakers, so many that it will be an uphill (if not impossible) task to list the top of the best. Nonetheless, the selection of persons who featured on this list was done based on […]

Orators: Everything you NEED to know

Orators have been around for ages, since men began to actively convince other people. They are as old as the art of persuasion. Ever since, there has been no shortage of orators. There is always a need to persuade/convince people, so much that I can say “society cannot do without orators”. Orators are pacesetters, leaders, […]

Top 6 Successful Entrepreneurs that are Excellent Public Speakers

6 Successful Entrepreneurs that are Excellent Public Speakers

There are many successful entrepreneurs in our world today. And a lot of people want to know the factors that led to their success. Interestingly, among the many factors analyzed by different experts, the one that standout for me is their skill in public speaking. Obviously because public speaking is my thing. “Now, you can […]

Jumping over a barrier

Jumping into Public Speaking like Footballer Anderson Lopes

Anderson Lopes is a Brazilian striker playing in the Japanese League who became famous over the weekend for a goal celebration. The 25 years old had just scored his second goal on his debut for Consadole Sapporo in Japan. In celebration, he jumped over a barrier, only to discover it was a large drop. The […]