Oratory tips to improve oratory skill

14 Uncommon Oratory Tips to Improve your Skill in Oratory

If you are looking to drastically improve your oratory skill, this article as you will eventually discover, will transform it. It will open you up to oratorical worlds unknown. There are so many tips on how to improve one’s oratorical skill out there. But most of them are common, they are something any Dick and […]

Top African Public Speakers You Should Know About

Top African Public Speakers You Should Know About

Have you been wondering who the top African Public Speakers are? If yes, then you should know that this article is not meant to stop you from wondering further. In fact, it was written with the hope that you would wonder further. A list of few Top African public speakers doesn’t represent entirely the numerous […]

Top 10 great orators

Greatest Orators: Top 10 Great Orators of All Time

Who are the greatest Orators of all time? Or who are the best Orators? These questions are not easy to answer, as there are so many orators that were great in their own time and ways. Some of which we have no record of. Therefore, compiling this list of “The Top 10 Great Orators of […]


Orator: An Exploratory Article + Tips from Great Orators

In this article, I intended to explore the person called “Orator”. I had so many questions when I first stumbled on the term. So I went digging, and I found some answers; answers and lessons I learnt from great orators that I want to share with you. So let’s explore. Who is an orator? When […]

Top 6 Successful Entrepreneurs that are Excellent Public Speakers

6 Successful Entrepreneurs that are Excellent Public Speakers

There are many successful entrepreneurs in our world today. And a lot of people want to know the factors that led to their success. Interestingly, among the many factors analyzed by different experts, the one that standout for me is their skill in public speaking. Obviously because public speaking is my thing. “Now, you can […]