“Great Orators make Great Speeches,
Great Speeches don’t make Great Orators”

Goodluck Henry Emeka

What could have brought you here?
Curiosity, you think?
You are here because of your personality!

You have the personality of a person who wants to motivate, inspire, guide and lead by the power of your words. This personality set of yours got you curious about oratorshub.com and that’s why you are here. Right?

If you think I am wrong then you are wrong to be here, otherwise relax and feel at home.

Launching oratorshub.com early March 2019, I had just one goal and it’s to help you become an effective orator.

With every post, every tool and every resources herein my drive is to support and guide you be that eloquent orator you desire and deserve to be.


I started this blog not because I hated my former job, wanted to work from home, or all those other stories in many popular blogs. I launched this blog chiefly because of passion.
Orators Hub was launched at period when I was supposed to be undergoing a mandatory industrial training programme (internship) studying civil engineering technology. I tried so hard to push through with being a Civil Engineer, I was bright and good at it. But, I just had to accept that I was not called for that kind of stuff (civil engineering). And I knew that I was an orator in the making in and out. I tried find solace in the fact that, I can practice my oratorical skills while being a civil engineer.

Then one day, as I tried to search for something on google about oratory, all of the search result I get were from typical public speaking blogs, there was no special oratory or orators’ blog.
And not just that, most articles about oratory or orators were written by people who are aliens to “being an orator”. That moment the idea hit me: the Idea to launch Orators Hub.
In my thoughts I said:

“Let us tell our own stories and share our own thoughts by ourselves. And not allow some stranger tell and share them for us”

Orators’ hub was launched to genuinely serve as the online home for orators.

What to expect

Insightful Blog Post

One thing I did not mention earlier, is that I have over ten (10) years public speaking experience. And I also spent over five (5) years practicing the art of oratory consciously in different ways.
Honestly, am still growing and learning, we all are. No one stops learning, the day one stops learning he dies.
I am willing to not just share what I know but to go extra miles and try to deliver inspiring, thought-provoking and enriched articles. Articles that will engage you and help you become an effective orator. For you deserve nothing less than the best.

Helpful Resources

From eBooks to video tutorials, resources that could have a giant impact in helping you achieve your goal; we try to make available for you.
Sometimes what this means is that, I go out there search for contents or products that could potentially help you achieve you goals. Then, I buy them myself, read (or use) them and if I honestly believe they would help you reach your goals, I recommend the same for you.
To be an effective orator doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. It’s a process of first consuming the best information and resources out there. Then, putting what you consume into practice.

DO you think Orators Hub is for you?

If yes, then what are you waiting for;

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I’d hope that one day, I receive a message from you saying, “Henry, your efforts made a difference in my life”.

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